PHI 208 Week 5 Final Exam (Variant 7)


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1. According to Midgely, moral isolationism leads to

2. What is Peter Singer’s point about performing vivisection on mentally disabled human infants?

3. The point of the story of Gyges is that we are all

4. Kenneth Anderson argues that the fact that drones make the resort to force easier

5. Which is one of the claims that Milton Friedman presents to make the case that a corporate executive who undertakes acts that are in line with the common understanding of corporate social responsibility is also accepting the doctrine of socialism?

6. Midgely concludes that

7. In evaluating the potential greatest good of an action, rule utilitarianism looks at

8. Which of the following does not happen to pigs on today’s factory farms in the “Meet Your Meat” video?

9. Robinson describes magnanimity as the mean between the extremes of:

10. According to the scene from The Bridge on the River Kwai, what is the ultimate reason Colonel Nicholson (Alec Guinness) insists that the soldiers work hard to build the best bridge possible:

11. The legal argument that Freeman presents can be summed up like this: caveat emptor has been replaced with caveat venditor. This means that:

12. R.B. Brandt argues that in a war between affluent nations, a policy of good treatment of prisoners

13. Current theorists on abuse claim that abused women should not be considered “victims” but this

14. Rachels argues that the conventional doctrine:

15. Midgley analyzes the position that each society is a separate culture with its own values. This position is known as

16. In 2003, how many people died in Canada?

17. Glaucon seems to think that people are

18. In the video, “Drones Are Ethical and Effective,” Kenneth Anderson argues that the use of drones is ethical because

19. Which businessmen, according to Friedman, are typically excluded in the rhetoric of the social responsibility of business?

20. If Midgley is correct, moral scepticism

21. What moral theory does Peter Singer accept?

22. What happens to the offspring of dairy cows, according to the video “Meet Your Meat”?

23. Jeremy Waldron argues that the current use of drone warfare is unethical because it is conducted

24. Glaucon thinks that deep in our hearts we all believe that

25. Robinson argues that honor

26. Why do some social theorists claim that we should stop asking the question, “Why do women stay in abusive relationships?”

27. How are employees negatively affected?

28. According to Rachels, active euthanasia involves:

29. According to Aristotle, we should begin ethical inquiry by specifying:

30. Milton Friedman argues that persons may choose to undertake social responsibilities to their communities, churches, or nations, and devote their own incomes to causes that they deem morally worthy. But, he adds, if corporate executives attempt to take such social responsibilities or to direct the corporation’s profits to such personal causes, without approval from the shareholders, then:

31. What is the argument by Ronald Duska, which Robert Larmer presents?

32. According to Tom Regan, what is fundamentally wrong with our current system

33. Tom Regan’s view of animals is that

34. According to Aristotle, happiness is:

35. What moral theory does Peter Singer accept?

36. It is unfair to criticize the profit-making purpose of business because:

37. According to Rachels, many people accept the conventional doctrine because they believe:

38. According to Rachels, the case of Smith and Jones shows that:

39. According to Held, feminist theories of self

40. In the article “War and Massacre,” Thomas Nagel argues that utilitarianism

41. What, according to Tom Regan, is the contractarian approach to ethics?

42. According to Peter Singer a “person” is

43. In the video, “Drones are Ethical and Effective,” Kenneth Anderson states that drones are different from other weapon systems because

44. According to Foot, the violation of a negative duty involves:

45. In which country in the videos is it legal to commit assisted suicide?

46. Glaucon states that most people think that justice

47. Michael Walzer argues that there is a radical distinction between war and civil life because

48. Aristotle claims that the function of human life is:

49. Noddings claims that the atomic bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima were

50. Which of the following does Tom Regan say about the utilitarian approach to animal ethics?

PHI 208 Week 1 Reading Quiz (Variant 7)


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1. According to Midgley, moral isolationism

2. When passive euthanasia is employed on infants, they typically die of:

3. In the Rescue I case, Foot claims that:

4. According to Midgely, moral isolationism leads to

5. According to Rachels, many people accept the conventional doctrine because they believe:

6. Midgley analyzes the position that each society is a separate culture with its own values. This position is known as

7. Glaucon seems to think that people are

8. Passive euthanasia is:

9. According to Foot, one is the agent of harm if and only if:

10. Rachels claims that once it has been decided that euthanasia is desirable in a case:

11. Foot defines a negative duty as:

12. If Glaucon is correct, then justice is

13. According to Foot, the violation of a negative duty involves:

14. Foot claims that turning off a respirator is:

15. If Midgley is correct, moral scepticism

PHI 208 Week 4 Media Quiz (Variant 7)


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1. Which of the skills that Phil Connors (Bill Murray) learns in the course of his time in the Groundhog Day loop would be considered a “practice” according to MacIntyre’s account?

2. In The Emperor’s Club, what best describes the teacher’s (Kevin Kline) response to his student’s (Emile Hirsch) admission of cheating?

3. Which of the following would be an idea shared both by the teacher (Kevin Kline) from the clip of The Emperor’s Club, and by either MacIntyre or Aristotle (or both)?

4. According to the scene from The Bridge on the River Kwai, what is the ultimate reason Colonel Nicholson (Alec Guinness) insists that the soldiers work hard to build the best bridge possible:

5. Which of these theories best describes the transformation of Phil Connors (Bill Murray) by the end of Groundhog Day?

6. Which of these might be considered virtuous behavior on the part of Phil Connors (Bill Murray), according to accounts like Aristotle’s and MacIntyre’s?

7. What would be the most plausible message that Groundhog Day is communicating about the relation between ethical standards and individual happiness?

8. What would best express Colonel Nicholson’s (Alec Guinness) view regarding what makes a soldier, as expressed in the The Bridge on the River Kwai clip?

9. Of the following choices, which is the most reasonable estimate of the amount of days that Phil Connors (Bill Murray) was stuck in the loop?

10. What is Rita’s (Andie MacDowell) response to Phil’s (Bill Murray) self-indulgence in the café (eating a tableful of pastries, smoking, etc.)?

PHI 208 Week 4 Reading Quiz (Variant 8)


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1. Robinson agrees with Aquinas’ idea that

2. Most definitions of honor regard it as having the following two elements:

3. Robinson argues that honor

4. In his discussion of virtue and honor in the military, what does Robinson consider to be the relation between integrity and magnanimity?

5. In Hill’s example, what did the wealthy eccentric man do to his yard after he bought a new house?

6. Hill uses this technique in the middle of the article to examine ideas about the human’s place within nature:

7. What is a difference between an internal good and an external good according to MacIntyre’s account?

8. Hill would claim that a lack of aesthetic perception

9. In what way would Hill’s notion of “self-acceptance” correspond to Aristotle’s conception of eudaimonia?

10. Hill claims that a fruitful way to think about the badness of destroying the environment is:

PHI 103 Week 1 Library Quiz (Variant 3)


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1. In Project Muse, one must do this to get only peer-reviewed journals

2. Selecting the letters at the top of the page in the A-Z database will take you

3. Which is the library phone number?

4. Which of the following are areas that one can find help in the library under the “Getting Research Help” tab?

5. Where can one find peer-reviewed journals?

6. The “Databases by Type” tab lists the following resources?

7. What is the email address where you can ask a librarian questions?

8. In Literary Reference Center, one must do this to get only peer-reviewed journals.

9. In EBSCOHOST, one must do this to get only peer-reviewed journals

10. The purple navigation bars in the library website have which of the following items located in them?

11. How can you get to the library databases?

12. The best types of scholarly journals are

13. Which of the following are not scholarly resources?

14. To get back to the homepage on any library website page click on this link.

15. In JSTOR, one must do this to get only peer-reviewed journals

PHI 103 Week 1 Media Quiz (Variant 3)


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1. West’s blues begin with harmony

2. According to West, one of the primary questions that one can use to orient oneself in relation to the pursuit of philosophy is the following

3. West claims that we die without ever being able to have the totality of life

4. The following are criteria that one can use to judge credibility

5. According to West, the pursuit of thought and philosophy takes this

6. West claims that those who live in libraries are actually more alive than people walking around in society

7. In the credibility video, Edith Thompson killed her husband by

8. Cornel West claims that humans ought to focus on death in order to more adequately understand their existence

9. West believes that it is important to think about this in order to understand the human essence.

10. What does Plato say about the unexamined life?

PHI 103 Week 1 Readings Quiz (Variant 3)


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1. Paul and Elder claim that all reasoning

2. In the dialogue, Socrates claims that one must be removed from this in order to grasp the higher intellectual virtues

3. This is the way that people initially find themselves in the Plato’s cave allegory

4. Good students

5. DuBois would most agree with which of the following statements

6. Which of the following standards of thinking relates to how one can verify if the answer to a question or problem is on topic?

7. This is the main question that DuBois wants to examine in this essay

8. DuBois claims that this occurs when the stronger members in society do not protect the weaker members:

9. DuBois claims that African Americans of his day tended to view the law in this manner

10. This person has a fanatical commitment to ideas and beliefs that can lead to negative outcomes and/or harmful behavior

11. The components of critical thinking include:

12. Behind the “veil of color” DuBois claims that, although whites and blacks interacted in specific ways in day to day life in the South, they never:

13. According to Paul and Elder, well-cultivated thinkers have the following attributes:

14. DuBois claims that the new owners of industry and business in the South after the Civil War are focused on:

15. This is the term for presentation of an idea through one-sided and emotional rhetoric

PHI 103 Week 2 Library Quiz (Variant 3)


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1. Where can you go to find tip sheets and tutorials for the databases on the library website?

2. Good websites have information that is:

3. In ProQuest, clicking on this link shows a summary of the article

4. When utilizing terms on opposite sides of the “OR” option in ProQuest, the system will:

5. This is a good place to start if you know the topic you would like to research.

6. Most databases include which of the following:

7. When determining whether a website is reliable, you should consider the:

8. The ads that pop up on a website indicate:

9. What allows the database to search more effectively?

10. To limit the search in EBSCOHost to peer-reviewed articles you click on the box titled:

PHI 103 Week 2 Media Quiz (Variant 3)


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1. Singer uses this example to illustrate his ideas about helping others.

2. Zizek claims that love is:

3. Zizek defines ideology as:

4. Zizek claims that humans tend to do this when something horrible or catastrophic happens.

5. Singer claims that the meaning of life is found in this:

6. In addition to marching to demonstrate the need for change in Alabama, King also sought the following:

7. Singer claims that ethics is about which of the following?

8. Singer believes the following about animals:

9. Martin Luther King would agree most with which of the following claims?

10. King would agree with which of the following claims about Communism?

PHI 103 Week 2 Quiz 1 (Variant 3)


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1. Do you want to drive the minivan to the movies?

2. Hey!

3. Nietzsche collapsed in a square upon seeing a man beat a horse.

4. Do as we say.

5. Something is a proposition if and only if it has a truth value.

6. Is selfishness a virtue?

7. Universalized healthcare is Communism.

8. If you cannot understand the truth value of a claim, then it is not a proposition.

9. A democracy exists if and only if its citizens participate in autonomous elections.

10. Either I am a human or I am a dog.

11. Particle and wave behavior are properties of light.

12. Private property is a right of every American.

13. Computers have made our lives easier.

14. Treat your boss with respect.

15. The library at the local university has over 300,000 books.

16. I believe that you should do as your parents say.

17. Because the mind conditions reality, it is impossible to know the thing as such.

18. You are taking a quiz.

19. How many feet are in a mile?

20. Don’t you dare vote for universalized healthcare.

PHI 103 Week 2 Quiz 2 (Variant 3)


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1. If everyone lied whenever it was convenient, then we could never trust anyone. This would mean that all our communication would break down. If it’s not acceptable for everyone to lie, then it’s not acceptable for you to lie. So, you shouldn’t lie.

True or False: The statement, “If it’s no ok for everyone to lie, then it’s not ok for you to lie” is two premises.

2. All politicians require lots of money to get elected. Very few people can afford to donate the amount of money needed. As a result, money from corporations and special interest groups is essential to getting elected. Therefore, politicians tend to care more about corporations and special interest groups than they do about people.

Which of the following is the conclusion of this argument?

3. Some apples are not bananas.  Some bananas are things that are yellow.  Therefore, some things that are yellow are not apples.

True or False: The statement, “Some bananas are things that are yellow,” is a premise.

4. World of Warcraft is the best game ever! It’s lots of fun and more people play it than any other game.

True or False: The statement, “It’s lots of fun,” is a premise.

5. Which of the following quotations represents an argument?

6. ‘Contrariwise,’ continued Tweedledee, ‘if it was so, it might be; and if it were so, it would be; but as it isn’t, it ain’t. That’s logic.’

True or false: “if it were so, it would be” is a premise of the argument.

7. Guns aren’t necessary. Guns endanger people. They give people confidence which leads them to do dangerous things they wouldn’t otherwise do. They also make violence more lethal than it would be with other weapons.

True or False: “Guns endanger people,” is the conclusion of this argument.

8. God must exist for there can be no other explanation for the order and complexity of the world. Some say there is no proof, but to me the proof is all around us.

The conclusion of this argument is:

9. Don’t worry, when I come back from my trip we’ll be more in love than ever. After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

In this argument, the proverb, “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” serves as:

10. Football is the worst sport. It’s slow because of all the huddles, and for most positions size is more important than skill.

True or False: The second sentence above contains two premises.

PHI 103 Week 2 Readings Quiz (Variant 3)


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1. Socrates claims that this is the reason that he was despised.

2. Socrates would agree most with which of the following statements about life?

3. Socrates went to which of the following groups seeking wisdom?

4. Socrates claims that he will be leaving behind how many children if they kill him?

5. Socrates claims that he knows that death is not an evil because:

6. Socrates claims that one ought to care most about improving:

7. Meletus’ charges against Socrates included:

8. Socrates proposes this as an alternative to death as his sentence.

9. Socrates would agree most with which of the following claims about wisdom?

10. Socrates makes the following claims about death:

PHI 103 Week 3 Library Quiz (Variant 3)


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1. It is more important to have up to date information in a field like nuclear engineering than in a field like history

2. Scholarly journals often contain simplistic language for popular audiences.

3. Which of the following is a way to focus use of online search engines?

4. How can one attempt to verify bias that one suspects in a website?

5. It is a good idea to verify sources that are listed in the works cited page of the articles that you use in your research

6. Authors of scholarly articles:

7. When one is doing research, it is best to just use Google

8. Websites that end in .org can be good sources but they might be biased towards the viewpoint of the non-profit that has created it.

9. Education (.edu) website are generally reliable except when:

10. Scholarly journals contain many advertisements.

PHI 103 Week 3 Media Quiz (Variant 3)


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1. The social contract approach to political theory

2. In the documentary on women’s rights in Afghanistan, it is claimed that women walking alone in the streets are

3. Women in Afghanistan often do not report harassment for the following reasons

4. Society claims that the real man is:

5. This percentage of Afghan women can read and write.

6. Nussbaum claims that the typical idea of a good member of society is

7. Nussbaum claims that Aristotle had this important idea about political government:

8. Charlie Chaplin’s character “The Great Dictator” would agree most with which of the following statements?

9. There is an epidemic of addiction to this drug in Afghanistan:

10. Why is there trouble with finding female actresses in Afghanistan?

PHI 103 Week 3 Quiz 1 (Variant 3)


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1. I know that Stephen has a lot of money.  His parents drive Mercedes.  His dogs wear cashmere sweaters, and he paid cash for his Hummer

2. Joe must make a lot of money teaching philosophy, since most philosophy professors are rich.

3. A nation is only as great as its people.  The people are reliant on their leaders.  Leaders create the laws in which all people can flourish.  If those laws are not created well, the people will suffer.  This is why the people of the United States are currently suffering

4. Heidegger’s works are some of the most difficult to understand.  It takes years and years of reading and studying in order to learn his terminology and the way that he expresses himself.  However, the payoff of learning his expression is a greater understanding of what it means to be a philosopher.

5. Chances are that I will not be able to get in to see Slipknot since it is an over 21 show, and Jeffrey, James, and Sloan were all carded when they tried to get in to the club.

6. Triangle A is congruent to triangle B.  Triangle A is an equilateral triangle.  Therefore, triangle B is an equilateral triangle.

7. The farmers in Poland have produced over 500 bushels of wheat on average the past 10 years.  This year they will produce over 500 bushels of wheat.

8. If you drive too fast, you will get into an accident.  If you get into an accident your insurance premiums will increase.  Therefore, if you drive too fast, your insurance premiums will increase.

9. The legalization of drugs is neither unwise nor immoral.  It is not unwise because by legalizing drugs we would eliminate the illegal drug trade.  Hence, by legalizing drugs, we would rid our nation of all the violence that goes along with the illegal drug trade.  Furthermore, the legalization of drugs is not immoral because it can be combined with a massive program of moral education.

10. Paying people to mow your lawn is not a good policy.  When people mother their own lawns, they create self-discipline.  In addition, they are able to save a lot of money over time.

11. This is not the best of all possible worlds, because the best of all possible worlds would not contain suffering, and this world contains much suffering.

12. All dogs are warm-blooded.  All warm-blooded creatures are mammals.  Hence, all dogs are mammals.

13. Too many intravenous drug users continue to risk their lives by sharing dirty needles.  This situation could be changed if we were to supply drug addicts with a way to get clean needles.  This would lower the rate of AIDS in this high-risk population as well as allow for the opportunity to educate and attempt to aid those who are addicted to heroin and other intravenous drugs.

14. No physical object can travel faster than light.  An electron is a physical object.  So, an electron cannot travel faster than light.

15. I felt fine until I missed lunch.  I must be feeling tired because I don’t have anything in my stomach.

16. Seventy percent of the students at this university come from upper class families.  The school budget has taken a hit since the economic downturn.  We need funding for the three new buildings on campus.  I think it’s time for us to start a phone campaign to raise funds so that we don’t plunge into bankruptcy.

17. Some apples are not bananas.  Some bananas are things that are yellow.  Therefore, some things that are yellow are not apples.

18. Dogs are better than cats, since they always listen to what their masters say.  They also are more fun and energetic.

19. The study of philosophy makes your soul more slender, healthier, and beautiful.  You should study philosophy.

20. Our dogs are extremely sick.  I have to work every day this week, and our house is a mess.  There’s no way I’m having my family over for Festivus.