PHI 103 Week 1 Media Quiz (Variant 3)


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1. West’s blues begin with harmony

2. According to West, one of the primary questions that one can use to orient oneself in relation to the pursuit of philosophy is the following

3. West claims that we die without ever being able to have the totality of life

4. The following are criteria that one can use to judge credibility

5. According to West, the pursuit of thought and philosophy takes this

6. West claims that those who live in libraries are actually more alive than people walking around in society

7. In the credibility video, Edith Thompson killed her husband by

8. Cornel West claims that humans ought to focus on death in order to more adequately understand their existence

9. West believes that it is important to think about this in order to understand the human essence.

10. What does Plato say about the unexamined life?

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