PHI 103 Week 1 Readings Quiz (Variant 3)


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1. Paul and Elder claim that all reasoning

2. In the dialogue, Socrates claims that one must be removed from this in order to grasp the higher intellectual virtues

3. This is the way that people initially find themselves in the Plato’s cave allegory

4. Good students

5. DuBois would most agree with which of the following statements

6. Which of the following standards of thinking relates to how one can verify if the answer to a question or problem is on topic?

7. This is the main question that DuBois wants to examine in this essay

8. DuBois claims that this occurs when the stronger members in society do not protect the weaker members:

9. DuBois claims that African Americans of his day tended to view the law in this manner

10. This person has a fanatical commitment to ideas and beliefs that can lead to negative outcomes and/or harmful behavior

11. The components of critical thinking include:

12. Behind the “veil of color” DuBois claims that, although whites and blacks interacted in specific ways in day to day life in the South, they never:

13. According to Paul and Elder, well-cultivated thinkers have the following attributes:

14. DuBois claims that the new owners of industry and business in the South after the Civil War are focused on:

15. This is the term for presentation of an idea through one-sided and emotional rhetoric

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