PHI 103 Week 2 Quiz 1 (Variant 3)


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1. Do you want to drive the minivan to the movies?

2. Hey!

3. Nietzsche collapsed in a square upon seeing a man beat a horse.

4. Do as we say.

5. Something is a proposition if and only if it has a truth value.

6. Is selfishness a virtue?

7. Universalized healthcare is Communism.

8. If you cannot understand the truth value of a claim, then it is not a proposition.

9. A democracy exists if and only if its citizens participate in autonomous elections.

10. Either I am a human or I am a dog.

11. Particle and wave behavior are properties of light.

12. Private property is a right of every American.

13. Computers have made our lives easier.

14. Treat your boss with respect.

15. The library at the local university has over 300,000 books.

16. I believe that you should do as your parents say.

17. Because the mind conditions reality, it is impossible to know the thing as such.

18. You are taking a quiz.

19. How many feet are in a mile?

20. Don’t you dare vote for universalized healthcare.

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