PHI 103 Week 3 Library Quiz (Variant 3)


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1. It is more important to have up to date information in a field like nuclear engineering than in a field like history

2. Scholarly journals often contain simplistic language for popular audiences.

3. Which of the following is a way to focus use of online search engines?

4. How can one attempt to verify bias that one suspects in a website?

5. It is a good idea to verify sources that are listed in the works cited page of the articles that you use in your research

6. Authors of scholarly articles:

7. When one is doing research, it is best to just use Google

8. Websites that end in .org can be good sources but they might be biased towards the viewpoint of the non-profit that has created it.

9. Education (.edu) website are generally reliable except when:

10. Scholarly journals contain many advertisements.

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